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Are You A Happiness Addict? + 4 Tips To Honor The Pain

Are you a Happiness Addict? + 4 Tips to Honor the Pain​In this episode we talk about living with courage, and about why positivity and gratitude is not always the answer. Will you join the Chase Your

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5 Ways to Get Out of Poverty and Attract Wealth

5 Ways to get out of Poverty and Attract Wealth + How I Found my Wealth by Marrying a Homeless ManWe often talk about self-development, about moving forward in the face of adversity. What we rarely tell

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Let Love Guide You + How To Build a Business While Working Full-time

Let Love Guide You + How to Build a Business while working Full-timeAn eating disorder and alcohol addiction helped Kenda find her purpose. In this episode, we’ll talk about Kenda’s journey to finding

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5 E’s to Thriving in Life Workshop with Dr. Denise Simpson

5 E's to Thriving in Life Workshop with Dr. Denise SimpsonDo you feel like you're not living at your fullest potential? Have you reached a plateau in your life and don't know who to turn to for help?If

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Stop and Reconsider that Diet! Body Positivity, Self-Love and An Apology

Stop and reconsider that Diet! Body Positivity, Self-Love, and a ApologyHeads up: This episode is emotional and unscripted.This episode is a rant, an apology, and a heartfelt call to action for you, my

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