How To Build a Business While Working Full-time + Let Love Guide You
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Let Love Guide You + How to Build a Business while working Full-time

An eating disorder and alcohol addiction helped Kenda find her purpose. In this episode, we’ll talk about Kenda’s journey to finding love and building her love coaching business while working a fulltime job.

“If you are coming from a place of love and service, you will always get where you want to be”

Here are the five steps Kenda recommends you follow to build your biz while working full time:

1. Find a spiritual practice: find a daily opportunity to look inward. You can choose to meditate, to write in a journal - or pick something else that feels right for you! What's important is that you take the time every day to slow down and be with yourself. 

2. Learn about business: Google, watch youtube videos, learn from coaches, ask questions to inspiring people. You have a world of wisdom at your fingerprints! 

3. Network: Building a successful biz is all about connections. Focus on building a network of people in parallel industries to collaborate with and grow together. 

4. Build your online presence: Put yourself out there. There is a huge online world where you can make yourself visible and also get inspiration from others. Take advantage of it! 

5. Be yourself: Is your content or product reflecting your unique personality? The exceptional value of your business is you! And that must be channeled through everything you do.

Let Love Guide You and learn how to build a business while working full-time. Listen to the #ChaseYourFearsPodcast

Is possible to start your own business and doing what you love, just be true to yourself

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Hitting rock bottom is just another step in your path. 

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Dayhanna Acosta is an energetic communication expert, a powerful speaker, and a dynamic educator who helps nonprofit and mid-size businesses scale and reach their target audience. Dayhanna is an award-winning entrepreneur. She was recently selected from a pool of thousands of entrepreneurs as one of the 20 On the Rise Small Business Experts with the Rising Tide Society. Acosta’s clients and students say she can turn mundane, geeky topics into something relevant that people can get excited about! Her company Chase Your Fears manages the marketing and P.R departments of U.S based nonprofit and mid-size businesses. Her team has extensive experience in Marketing, sales, P.R, media, and communications. Dayhanna was born in Colombia and she is proud of her Latina identity. She's obsessed with traveling, dancing, veggies, and puppies!

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