Chase Your Fears - Elevate Your Life, Build Confidence, Market Your Biz

The Missing Piece

My first business failed, and It wasn't lack of talent or knowledge that led to its demise. It was my lack of confidence and self-doubt. I didn't understand that being in business meant being in the spotlight. I invested in marketing courses thinking that was going to solve my problems. But I never followed through on what I learned.
"What do you mean I need to post more videos? I hate my voice on camera!" 
"You want me to reach out to the media? But I stutter when I get nervous! How could they ever take me seriously!?"
I was terrified of being on camera, mortified at the thought of being judged, and doubtful that anyone would care or listen to what I had to say.

My "Failure" taught me a lesson. To have a company you can grow and market you need to:

Step 1

Find Your Voice,  Get Clear on
Your Message and Grow Your Tribe

Step 2

Build Your Confidence &
Conquer Your Self Doubt

Step 3

Create a Strategy and
Market the Heck Out
of Your Business!

Brenda Founder and Director, Southwest Florida Women's Foundation

Brenda Tate


Our marketing and outreach was completed transformed by Dayhanna and her team over the past two years. From developing and maintaining our website to having news items published in our local daily newspaper and embracing special projects, the impact on and awareness of our organization has significantly increased. Dayhanna and her team always find the most creative and effective way to approach our varied assignments. Having them on board is like having our own marketing department

Kate Megee Holistic Health Coach

Kate Megee


Dayhanna has helped me get clarity about marketing my business and my brand, as well as identifying my target audience. She also helped me explore a new direction for where I want to take my business. We outlined avenues to explore and research, and I was able to connect with what I wanted to say. That feels really good and I can't wait to put it all into practice!

I'm passionate about helping people free themselves from fear and self doubt