5 Ways to Get Out of Poverty and Attract Wealth
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5 Ways to get out of Poverty and Attract Wealth + How I Found my Wealth by Marrying a Homeless Man

We often talk about self-development, about moving forward in the face of adversity. What we rarely tell you is WHY we're so passionate about these topics. This episode is a good start. 

Today's pod dives deep into Peter's struggles with homelessness, and our struggles with poverty. But this isn't a sob story. We're taking the struggles we faced and sharing the gifts they left us. (Because YES, your struggles are a gift. And YES, they can teach you AMAZING Lessons) 

Are you struggling financially, or emotionally? Then this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Somethings are worth the struggle we put into them. You get to choose how that struggle looks like

Here are our Top 5 Ways to Get Out of Poverty and Attract Wealth

1. Become obsessed with learning: If you're struggling financially we want you to devote your free time and energy to learning new skills. Focused knowledge and skills will serve as tools to get you out of your current situation. Explore your interests and focus on learning things that are appealing to you (and marketable). Things that could help you get a better job or start your own business. Most of us have access to free libraries, YouTube, online courses, etc. Use what you have and stay focused on your progress. 

2. Your image is your wealth: Focus on keeping a good image both physically and mentally so you can project the wealth you want to attract. 

3. Develop rituals of joy: Scheduling simple moments of joy will help you maintain a mindset of wealth and joy as opposed to a mindset of scarcity. Enjoy a nature walk, read joyful books, create spaces and activities that make you feel special and you will radiate happiness to anyone you meet. People can sense desperation. Focusing on the energy you project into the world will ensure you're staying on track and reaching the goals you've set to meet. 

4. Focus on immediate goals: Knowing you're working on meeting deadlines (even if they're small) will keep you motivated and feeling like you're moving forward. 

5. Stay away from energy vampires: Surround yourself with people that support and encourage you to be better and go farther in life.

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