Get More Instagram Engagement & Learn How The Algorithm Works - Straight From The Instagram Team
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Get More Instagram Engagement & Learn How The Algorithm Works - Straight From The Instagram Team

Hey brave friends!
I recently attended We All Grow Summit in Long Beach California as a speaker and got to sit in on a super-secret workshop taught by the Instagram staff on how to grow and build your influence on Instagram. We weren’t allowed to take video during the class but we were allowed to ask questions and to share our notes with you, and that’s what I’m doing in today’s podcast. There was so much content covered we decided to split this episode into two. On the first part, I’m giving you IG’s best practices and laying the groundwork for everything we were taught. And on the second part of this episode, I’ll be talking about IGTV, answering your most common Instagram questions and giving you action steps, you can implement immediately to get yourself or your business seen on Instagram. So, let’s get started! 

Here What We'll Cover on This Episode 

  • What is the algorithm and how can you use it to become more visible?
  • The types of Instagram profiles and how to choose the right profile for you and your business
  • The four surfaces of Instagram and how to use each of them.
  • Are hashtags still important? How many hashtags should you use?
  • How to handle paid partnerships
  • Why you should have a Direct Message strategy
Instagram ranks your content and posts based on Interest+ Timeliness + Relationships."
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About the Author Dayhanna Acosta

Dayhanna Acosta is an energetic communication expert, a powerful speaker, and a dynamic educator who helps nonprofit and mid-size businesses scale and reach their target audience. Dayhanna is an award-winning entrepreneur. She was recently selected from a pool of thousands of entrepreneurs as one of the 20 On the Rise Small Business Experts with the Rising Tide Society. Acosta’s clients and students say she can turn mundane, geeky topics into something relevant that people can get excited about! Her company Chase Your Fears manages the marketing and P.R departments of U.S based nonprofit and mid-size businesses. Her team has extensive experience in Marketing, sales, P.R, media, and communications. Dayhanna was born in Colombia and she is proud of her Latina identity. She's obsessed with traveling, dancing, veggies, and puppies!

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