From Religious to Atheist to Living a Deeply Spiritual Life
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From Religious to Atheist to Living a Deeply Spiritual Life

Hi #bravefriends In today’s Episode I wanna talk to you guys about how I transformed from a very religious person to an atheist and back to what I now call living a deeply spiritual life. And to do so, I’ll need to go way back to my childhood and talk about areas of my life I rarely discuss professionally. Not because I’m ashamed, but more so because I never want to contribute to  conversations that propagate division. The world doesn’t need that. I believe we’re all more alike than we are different.

Here are a Few Nuggets of Wisdom From this Episode

  • I believe we're all connected. And when that connection is severed we lose a part of ourselves. Our hearts, our breath and our mind are all linked there is no us vs. them. There is no divide.  Literally everything in this world Is connected.
  • Did you know we are made up of billions and billions of of atoms? 2/3 of those atoms in our body are hydrogen atoms. And those atoms are made of protons and electrons. Which is something many of you probably know. What you likely haven’t heard is that an electron will last a billion, billion times longer than the universe has existed. That means that all the stuff that you are made of right now is effectively immortal. We are basically a vessel for immortal life. You are one with the universe.  (Source: Everything is Connected by Tom Chi)
  • Tom explains this as a flame of inner becoming. In a given day you bring in Just over a little more than a Kilogram of solid material, 2.5kg of water between what you drink and the water in your food, and you exchange almost a kilogram of air. And what that means is that 7% of your body exchanges out in a single day. That means 7% that was you yesterday is not here anymore. The stuff that you are right now, tomorrow, 7% of that Is gonna be gone. If you need perspective  that is roughly the mass of your arm that you’re exchanging out every single day. That means that over the course of 2 weeks you actually exchange out the equivalent of the entire mass of your body. And that becomes part of the world around you. We are less a solid form and more like a wave.When you look at the world at a microscopic level. You can never really tell where one of us begins and the other ends. 
  • We are constantly in a state of inner becoming with the world. The breath you take today, could be becoming a flower in the other side of the world four to five days from now. And y’all this isn’t a theory. This has been scientifically proven! We are one. We are a flame of inner becoming, a beautiful wave with no clear beginning or end.

Living a spiritual life can sometimes feel like you are walking on a tight rope. Holding your mind and your heart in delicate balance. If you let one dominate, weighting more heavily over the other you might fall of balance. We all need to work to balance intuition and reason. To act on the side of love and use our minds to shape and form our faith. We need both the heart and the mind to live a fully spiritual life and there are dangers when a belief focuses on one over the other."

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