The Amazing Reason Why We Stopped Podcasting + What's Next
Chase Your Fears
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The Amazing Reason Why We Stopped Podcasting
+ What’s Next for Chase Your Fears™

Hi, #BraveFriends We’re back!!! Welcome to the Second Season of Chase Your Fears™ Podcast. I’m thrilled to be back (Seriously, I’m jumping up and down, I hope you can't hear that on the episode) Its been a long time since I've had a date with the microphone. And now we're recharged, focused and ready for what's ahead.

But first, let talk about the elephant in the room. Our sudden departure.

I promise we have a good reason. Tune in to hear why we stopped Podcasting and to get the scoop on what's coming next for the Chase Your Fears Podcast!

  • On this pod we're sharing how our lives changed in just one night. How Peter and I went to bed as a childless couple and woke up as the proud parents of a beautiful, smart and fascinating two year old.
  • If you want to watch the video of how we were matched for adoption and see all the bonding process with our son, click here or watch below. 
Most people have nine months to prepare for parenthood; we got two weeks." 

  • We want to thank you all for your support. We put ourselves out there and were vulnerable, and you helped us so much during this process. It was magical because we were concerned about the financial aspect of the adoption. And yet within 3 days, we were able to come up with all of the money we needed to bring our son home. That was in part, thanks to you, our #bravefriends. Thank you for helping us create the family we always dreamed of.

“The universe is taking care of you; the universe has your back even when you don’t understand” #ChaseYourFearsPodcast

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What to expect for the second season of Chase Your Fears™?

Things are changing for season two. We’ll still be sharing some business and self-development tools and advice but we're expanding into different horizons. Because honestly, talking business all the time is not my jam. And I don't think it should be yours either. There's already so much noise out there. So much repetitive content. And I think your time is worth more than that. I’m no longer about creating business content just for the sake of publishing every week. So we plan to use our platform to share powerful and impactful episodes to help you grow in your life. Not just in business.

That's why we created Chase Your Fears Talks™, these episodes will be chats on sex, politics, race, religion, identity, disability and more. We’ll address the questions people never dare to ask. Our goal isn’t to win a battle of right or wrong. The show isn’t about debate. It’s about creating a platform where people can safely ask questions, evaluate their preconceived notions, exercise their curiosity and learn about people who aren’t like them. Most of all we want to continue to inspire you to create a life where fear doesn't lead the way.

So be ready because our first episode is now live. Let’s begin!

The Amazing Reason Why We Stopped Podcasting + What’s Next for Our Podcast

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