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Dayhanna Acosta
Award Winning Educator 
Marketing and Business Strategist, and Podcaster.

Dayhanna Acosta is an energetic presenter, a powerful speaker, and a dynamic educator. She has traveled and lived in many places around the world and has a unique experience, education, and understanding of cross-cultural communication, diversity, and inclusion. Being a Latina, growing up in a mixed family and navigating multi-cultural business and social environments have provided Dayhanna with a unique experience, which she hopes to bring to your organization. Acosta provides face-to-face and online training for entrepreneurs and industry leaders in marketing, sensitivity training, leadership development, cross-cultural competence, and team building.

Dayhanna is an award-winning entrepreneur. She was recently selected from a pool of thousands of entrepreneurs as one of the 20 On the Rise Small Business Experts with the Rising Tide Society. Acosta’s clients and students say she can turn mundane, geeky topics into something relevant that people can get excited about!


Marketing – Audience Building, Podcasting, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Branding and Social Selling.

Leadership Development

Sensitivity and Cross-Cultural Training

Overcoming Trauma and Poverty

Growing a Business While Struggling with Mental Health

Team Building

In a world that's divided by our differences, Dayhanna strives to bring people together, to teach tolerance and communication skills that can break barriers and help us better understand one another.  She is passionate about women empowerment and works with organizations such as The Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation to create initiatives that support education, entrepreneurship and social justice.

Dayhanna hosts a podcast called Chase Your Fears. Her podcast and weekly livestreams cover topics focused on promoting long-lasting positive change for leaders and entrepreneurs. Acosta believes people are doing the best they can with what they have. She is committed to addressing marketing, business, and cross-cultural challenges while providing a learning environment free of pressure, fault or guilt. Through her training and workshops, Dayhanna works as a facilitator to help her students identify the issues that challenge them and hinder their growth. She motivates individuals to self-reflect, evaluate, and to collaboratively come up with solutions to the problems at hand while maintaining a fun, energetic and interactive atmosphere.


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Kind Words

Monique Smith
CEO of Beauty, Braids & Beyond

Informational and educational

Anissa Cosby Founder of The Virtual Sidekick

Dayhanna is a pleasure to be around and I enjoyed learning from her.


I attended a live workshop on marketing and branding your business that was hosted and taught by Dayhanna. I have to say, she spoke and taught with such clarity! She made relevant examples and really helped me understand the importance of marketing and branding. She's a pleasure to be around and I enjoyed learning from her.

Roselyne CEO of Rare by Roselyne

Engaging and interactive


I thought the B3 for Women course was an eye-opener. I thought that it was going to be a matter of just sitting there and getting information, but it was engaging and interactive