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Why I Am A Selfish Mom And Sometimes A Terrible Wife .

Hello #BraveFriends in today’s episode let’s talk about why I am a selfish mom and sometimes a terrible wife and why I’ve been trying to convince myself that, that isn’t such a bad thing.

This #cafecitotime is a bit of a confessional and I’m really nervous about sharing this conversation with you. Mostly because that uninvited voice of self-doubt is shouting for my attention lately and trying to convince me that I’ll be judged for sharing what’s on my heart. But this podcast is all about living beyond fear and if this is what I preach. I need to make sure I’m applying my own teachings to myself. Today we’ll be talking parenthood, but I believe there are lesson’s here for everyone! So, Listen on!

 "A marriage is like a contract you choose to enter into. It is up to you to set the terms that work for you and your partner." #Chaseyourfearspodcast 

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My goal is to give you a deep perspective into my life. To challenge your current beliefs and to invite you to join our talks on this topic.

Now that I’m a mom, I feel the weight of society’s expectations and of my own expectations on my shoulders. And some days it weights so heavily I feel like I may topple over. And it’s shocking to me because this is something I never expected. The views of marriage and motherhood I was raised with utterly exhaust me. Peter and I are so different, and those differences don’t sit well with many people.

If at any point you’re listening to this pod and you find yourself getting angry or disagreeing with something I'm saying. I want you to take to social media and share your experience using the #chaseyourfearspodcast you can even DM me on Instagram and let me know you wanna go live together to talk about this.

I know for some of you this is a hot topic and it may anger some of you. And I want to welcome your experience, journey and ideas. If this sparks a conversation, I will feel like I did my job. We’re all here to grow. 

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