Stop and Reconsider that Diet! Body Positivity, Self-Love and An Apology
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Stop and reconsider that Diet! Body Positivity, Self-Love, and a Apology

Heads up: This episode is emotional and unscripted.

This episode is a rant, an apology, and a heartfelt call to action for you, my listeners! Tune in for a candid and raw conversation on diet culture, body image, eating disorders and our liberating journey to self-love!

If you're currently on a diet and hoping to lose weight, please stop and reconsider what you're doing. That diet you're following to feel "healthier" and "more energized" May be doing you more harm than good.

On this episode we'll cover:

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    The reasons why diets don't work
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    The common myths that are propagated by diet culture
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    What you can do start your journey towards self-love.

"I was obsessed with losing weight for many years, but the only thing I lost was myself" Dayhanna #ChaseYourFearsPodcast Ep.4 #BodyPositiveCEO

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Our goal with this podcast is to open a discussion about body image, diet culture, and body positivity and we want to hear your thoughts! Tell us what you think about this episode using #ChaseYourFears on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Reference: “Body positive power” – Megan Jayne Crabbe

Stop and Reconsider that Diet! Body Positivity and Self-Love. On this podcast, we'll talk about my recovery from an eating disorder and how we started to rethink the diet culture. #BodyPositivity #BodyPositive #selflove #selfesteem #embraceyourcurves #motivation #feelbetter #antidietculture #selfcare #acceptance #confidence #bopo #gilrpower #latinapower

"You're allowed to take up space in the world" - #Chaseyourfearspodcast Episode 4 #ChaseyourFears #BodyPositiveCEO

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