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Chase Your Fears: 3 Fears to Crush Before You Start a Business

Being an “Entrepreneur” has gone mainstream.  Everyone’s talking about it! So much so that some business coaches and entrepreneurs have become worldwide celebrities. Shows like Shark Tank, Girl Boss, Like a Boss, etc. are inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to take the leap and #FollowTheirBliss. But before you hand in your resignation to chase the Instagram dream, check out these 3 fears you must overcome if you want to achieve the #Entrepreneurlifestyle.

3 Fears to Crush Before You Start a Business

1.Fear of Sacrifice

Feeling inspired and ready to start your business after scrolling through Instagram? Here’s a list of things you probably don’t see on your entrepreneur friend’s IG accounts, but will probably experience if you start a business:

    • The weekends, nights and holidays you will spend working on your business (with no overtime or vacation pay!)
    • The overdrawn bank accounts because your bank decided to put a check on hold or your client “forgot” to pay an invoice.
    • The bread and cheese sandwiches you’ve been eating for a week because you’ve invested every cent you have on your latest project.
    • The lonely and stressful time spent alone as you try to navigate the exhilarating and terrifying rollercoaster that is running a business.
    • The having to say no to your friends all the time, because while they’re out having fun. You’re working late to meet a deadline, pick up a call from someone in a totally different time zone, or do damage control when something goes wrong and YOU are the person that everyone calls.

Entrepreneurship isn’t all freedom, travel, luxury and fun conferences. It is work; real, stressful, draining work. But if you’re willing to sacrifice, that work does pay off.

2. Fear of Being Yourself 

Sometimes being an Entrepreneur requires that you go against the tide to beat conventional wisdom. Much of traditional education today focuses on getting students to fall within the lines. As children, we are thought to memorize facts, fit in and follow orders. Curious and unique children are perceived as a distraction or as the odd ones out. School dictates when we talk, when we eat, how we dress, and sometimes even when we can go to the bathroom.
Corporate culture is no different. It often mandates that you behave, speak, dress or work a certain way to adhere to your company’s corporate culture.
Starting a business in today’s world requires a mental shift. In school and many corporate positions, we aspire to be like others. Fitting in is encouraged and praised. However, we could say the opposite about most successful entrepreneurs.

To be memorable and relevant in today’s business culture you must be able to accept who you are and you need to stand for something. If you attempt to be known for everything you will be known for nothing.
So, before you start your business, step out of the shadows, find what makes you and your business unique and focus on developing that uniqueness. Dressing, speaking, and doing what everyone else is doing works in school and corporate culture but taking this approach in business might not always be beneficial. Define your own personal and business values and stick to them. This will help people perceive your business as honest and authentic, two qualities that are critical if you want to be noticed in today’s digital world.

3.Fear of Not Being Accepted

Navigating through the entrepreneur journey is a tough and lonely business. There will be times when you’re excited to talk about your business and latest venture but you’ll quickly realize that most of your friends and relatives just don’t care. In fact, your closest friends and family circles can be toxic. People are quick to dismiss what they don’t understand, or what they themselves might never have the courage, drive or desire to do. You’ll soon realize that you can’t share your journey with most people in your life because most the time when you do, your enthusiasm is met with criticism or indifference.

To succeed in business, you must overcome your fear of not being accepted. Stop worrying about whether or not people like you or agree with you. Regardless of who you are you are capable of finding a tribe of people who will accept you for who you are.  Pick your friends wisely and surround yourself with people who encourage you to execute on your goals. Master the art of not caring about what other’s think and you will crush it on your entrepreneurial journey.

Are you considering quitting your full-time job to start a business? Tell us one thing that is holding you back in the comments below!

About the Author Dayhanna Acosta

Dayhanna Acosta is an energetic communication expert, a powerful speaker, and a dynamic educator who helps nonprofit and mid-size businesses scale and reach their target audience. Dayhanna is an award-winning entrepreneur. She was recently selected from a pool of thousands of entrepreneurs as one of the 20 On the Rise Small Business Experts with the Rising Tide Society. Acosta’s clients and students say she can turn mundane, geeky topics into something relevant that people can get excited about! Her company Chase Your Fears manages the marketing and P.R departments of U.S based nonprofit and mid-size businesses. Her team has extensive experience in Marketing, sales, P.R, media, and communications. Dayhanna was born in Colombia and she is proud of her Latina identity. She's obsessed with traveling, dancing, veggies, and puppies!

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