Having a Fluid Identity and Embracing Change with Tript and Prabh Johal
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Having a Fluid Identity and Embracing Change - with Tript and Prabh Johal

What if one day you wake up and want to do something completely different than what you’ve studied? Is it possible to build a business or change careers after finishing school?

Tript and Prabh are sisters, business partners, entrepreneurs and our guests today: Prabh is pursuing a PhD and is obsessed with Star Wars, and Tript is a Bollywood fan and social activist. Tript and Prabh share their struggles with mental health and confidence and show us that it's possible to remain true to ourselves even during the most trying times.

Today’s episode is about the power of reinvention, entrepreneurship, and embracing change. If you’re interested in giving life to a part of you that you may be hiding, listen up! This is the episode for you!

Kids are so eager and excited to explore everything that comes their way. They pursue hobbies for fun, without pressure or expectations. It’s how they learn and grow. But as adults, we get so involved in our job, our 10-year plan or our fears that we put aside that curious explorer; missing out on our best opportunities for growth and self-discovery. But we can all re-connect with the explorers within when we follow our curiosity.

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    People are always changing and evolving; you can fight that change, or you can embrace it.
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    When you welcome change and flow with it, you'll find harmony between the old and the new you, between what brought you to this place and where you want to be moving forward.
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"I really believe in having a fluid identity, you're not one thing, you're many things. You should take the time to grow each one of those amazing things about you" #ChaseYourFears

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You like music but you don't only like one band but many. Your identity is like that, you have multiple faces that you need to discover and explore #ChaseYourFears

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