How To Overcome Fear In Three Easy Steps
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New Journeys are a little scary! That's why we're thrilled to have you here!

Welcome To the first Chase Your Fears Podcast Episode. When trying to brainstorm topics for our first podcast Peter and I kept returning to the topic of fear.

Specifically, my fears.  Deciding to start a podcast resulted in many doubts. Doubts about my Latin accent, doubts about my voice, doubts about not knowing what to say, or freezing mid-conversation. Peter also opened up about some of his fears.  We talk about Peter’s weird fear of brown doors 😉 (Listen to hear the full story!), My issues with feet and our 25 minutes of fame.

Since we both understand fear we wanted to s​​​​hare the strategies we use to control it.  This episode will show you how to manage your fear and use it as a motivation. It's important to note that when we talk about overcoming fear we're not talking about eliminating fear; we're talking about getting to a place were we can pursue the things we want without letting fear paralyze us. 

Here's how you can overcome fear in three easy steps (Your Fear Fighting RX)

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    Let go of the need to be perfect -Many practices we learn in school do not serve us in life and business. In school, we’re thought to aim for perfect grades, but in life, perfection is just another form of procrastination. Action step: How can you set small goals or activities in which you can practice your craft regularly? 
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    Turn your inner bully into your BFF - We all tend to bully ourselves sometimes. Why is it that every time we hear our negative self-talk we automatically take that as the truth? Our mind tells us “We’re not good enough, we’ll never measure up” and we listen to that bully. We don’t ever take the time to push back against it.    Action step – Start questioning our inner bully and becoming friends with it. Re frame how you perceive him/her. Your inner bully is just someone who’s trying to bring a new situation to your attention. Listen to the podcast to get tips on how to challenge your thoughts and beliefs. The reality is your inner bully is not a bully at all, it’s just a defense mechanism that’s trying to keep you safe and in your comfort zone. 
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    Find the pattern within your fears – Start looking for patters when you experience fear and anxiety. Do you have any triggers? Is there something/someone that always makes you anxious? These patters are opportunities for you to identify things in your life that need attention. Don't ignore them!

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