How to Build a Thriving Business in 20 Hours a Week
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How to Build a Thriving Business in 20 Hours a Week

Kelly Higdon was pregnant and working on building her two businesses when she found herself in the hospital with her face partially paralyzed due to stress.

It was at that moment she decided something had to change. She had to find a way to work less while maintaining her income.
In this episode, Kelly will share the simple strategies she uses to get more done by working less.Kelly is extremely qualified to talk about this topic. She is a psychotherapist and a perfect blend of a life coach and business coach. She co-founded the largest private practice business training program where she’s coached over 900 clients. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your business or life this is the episode for you!

Hustling and working extra hours is not necessarily more heroic. The people who really look at themselves in the mirror and look at what they’re creating, and are more intentional. I think they’re the brave ones!

5 Steps you can take to begin simplifying your workload and regaining control of your time.

  1. Do some visioning – Think about what you’re creating for your life. Picture your perfect work day. What does that day look like? Who are you serving? What are you doing? (Be honest with yourself, and focus on what YOU want. Not what you think people would want or expect from you)
  2. Elimination and Compression - Start cutting back on the hours you allot for work. Your work will have to fit the time you give it. This will force you to focus on the essentials. If you have a long way to go, start in small increments. Cut out 4 hours a week to start with the goal to ultimately eliminate work days.
  3. Delegate/Automate – List out all the tasks you do. You need to be able to articulate how each task contributes to your projects, goals and visions. If it doesn't, eliminate it. Now with the remainder, those tasks that aren't exclusive to you - delegate them to someone or something automated.
  4. Prioritize your tasks - 7 to 10 tasks per week, they all need to contribute to the bigger picture.
  5. Get some accountability! Doing new change and habits within a communal context will help you be much more successful.

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We justify overworking by saying “once I get to this goal, once I hit this mark, I’ll make a change” and the question is why not make a change now and have our business fit into our life and not our life dictated by our business? #ChaseYourFears

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Your business is just a piece of your impact! It’s not all of your impact #ChaseYourFears

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