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5 Tips to Help You Navigate Difficult Conversations

Do difficult conversations make you want to scream or run for the door? Brave friends, are you struggling to navigate our divided world?

Racism, immigration, sexual harassment, police brutality, and politics have placed us in a constant battle of pick and choose.

We pick sides. We only surround ourselves with people who share our world views. We follow news stations that fall in line with our values and belief systems. We only engage with content that supports our perspective. The result? We’re shielding ourselves from any possibility for growth and understanding. We’re choosing to remain blind to other perspectives, belief systems and news stories.

We’re slowly loosing our ability to have difficult conversations; and when a topic gets too difficult we resort to shutting down.

We have built and created a culture of extremes and in doing so we’re fostering isolation, unrest, and problems that could easily be solved with better communication.

These 5 Tips will help you Navigate Difficult Conversations

  • 1
    Check your assumptions
  • 2
    What’s the outcome you want from this conversation?
  • 3
    Question your anger or fear 
  • 4
    Turn your anger into curiosity
  • 5
    Stay away from labels and generalizations

Watch the video to see a deeper explanation of each of the tips and to hear how I resolved a work conflict that was filling me with rage. See you next week on Facebook or Instagram Live for another #CafecitoTime™

5 Tips to Help you Navigate Difficult Conversations. Watch #CafecitoTime and learn how to navigate those difficult conversations that make you want to pull your hair

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