The One Mistake that May be Causing You to Leave Money on the Table
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The One Mistake that May be Causing You to Leave Money on the Table

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On this #CafecitoTime™ episode we're talking about #Marketing ! Did you know most business owners only use 25% of their social power?

When we ask our clients why they're investing in online marketing, the answer we usually get is to "raise awareness" or  to "build social influence" But there’s a downside to that, social media marketing has powers that go far beyond raising awareness. There are 4 different pillars of Social Media Marketing and most business owners are only using one!  Wanna learn how to maximize your social marketing? Then keep reading!

The 4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing

1. Social Listening:  Social listening is about monitoring and responding to customer service and reputation management issues online.  It also means you're paying attention to your target audience and responding to their needs, questions, opinions or reviews. Social listening helps you humanize your brand. 

Our Strategy Sessions are a service that we added as a direct response to social listening. The entrepreneurs we serve were struggling with direction. They needed an action-step to follow when it came to their marketing. They were frustrated not knowing what to focus on every day to move their business forward! So we responded to this need by creating our 3-Month Roadmap service in which we outline everything they need to be doing. This way there's no room for confusion or wasted energy. Learn more about it here

It would be really sad if you’re not paying attention and all  the compliments and shares are just kind of falling on deaf ears.

2. Social Influence: This is how you establish authority online. We do this by distributing valuable content targeted towards our ideal client. Social influence is what most people focus on when they want to increase engagement and visibility. The entrepreneurs we surveyed spent the most time here. However, as we mentioned earlier, this is only 25% of all the power of Social Media Marketing. 

3. Social Networking: Social networking involves finding and associating with influential people and brands on social media. Its a way to connect with those you want to work with by being of service to them. You can also use social networking to create business partnerships. A little word of caution. It's VERY important to be real and authentic when trying to network. Create meaningful relationships, don't harass people by being pushy with your attempts to sell your products or services!

4. Social Selling: This is how we generate leads from existing clients and prospects on social media. Many people ignore this step because they're afraid of selling. But to make profit online you must ask for the sell. Let people know that you have a product to sell or a course to offer. If you don't tell them they’re not going to know that you're the go-to person for that problem that they need to solve.

If you're only using your marketing for creating awareness or building a following you're going to struggle in business. Building a following does NOT automatically bring revenue. You gotta have something to sell and be willing to talk about it! #ChaseYourFears #CafecitoTime

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Dayhanna Acosta is a Marketing Strategist, an Advocate for Fearless Living and the creator of the Chase Your Fears Podcast. Dayhanna is also the CEO of Create SFN Inc, a marketing and media strategy consulting agency. Dayhanna loves coaching and educating other business owners on how to develop their brand and voice to reach their target audience. She has over nine years of experience in the marketing field. Dayhanna graduated summa cum laude from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelors of Science degree. Dayhanna enjoys traveling and learning new languages. She speaks Spanish and French and is currently studying Hungarian and Portuguese.

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