3 Mindset Tips to Jumpstart Your Business
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3 Mindset Tips to Jumpstart Your Business

I have a little confession to make…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve barely been thinking about marketing.

That may be a strange thing to admit since marketing is what I do for a living. But speaking with my coaching clients has highlighted an issue that arises much more often than any specific marketing questions. That issue is mindset. It is fear. It’s the desire to give up when things get difficult. When “failure” storms through our life. Leaving a trail of devastation and anger in its wake.

How do we pick up the pieces when we’re feeling broken?

How do we get ourselves to market our business when fear and insecurities stand in our way?

Here’s what I think…

3 Mindset Tips to Jumpstart Your Business

1. Take a Lesson from Yoga

Growing up I was never an active child. I didn’t do any sports or spent time focusing on my physical health. However, I was always in awe of the people who were strong and flexible (Like Peter, who did gymnastics at a young age).

When I got older, I decided to begin practicing yoga because I wanted to become more in tune with my body. But it was so darn hard. And showing up on the mat every day was a very humbling experience.

When you’ve never worked on your flexibility, learning how to bend and stretch can be painful. For me, poses felt uncomfortable, I felt out of place, unsure of my capacity to “get it right” and reaching my goals felt like an impossible feat.

I looked at people who were further along in their journey with awe and aspiration (And if I’m honest with a little jealousy too).

But something magical began to happen. I kept on showing up. I built a habit. And I could feel my body start to move with more grace and ease. I was allowing myself that grace in other areas of my life too, and things began to click and fall into place.

The poses that I perceived as impossible at first suddenly felt like a real possibility. I felt my body evolve in ways I didn’t think were possible.Yoga taught me that I could bend without breaking. And this is a lesson I carry with me every day.

To stay in business, you need to learn how to bend without breaking. How to be flexible, how to stretch when its uncomfortable. How to create space for things that seem impossible today but that are entirely possible to accomplish with time, consistency and grace. So much grace!

Dear brave friend, in life and business you need to put yourself under pressure. If you’re not being stretched, you won’t remain flexible. You won’t be able to adapt and create space for the things that deserve a place in your life and business. To the possibilities or opportunities that may come your way.

Repeat after me...

“What’s impossible today is entirely possible to accomplish with time, consistency and grace.” #ChaseYourFears #Cafecitotime

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So, if you’re feeling stretched right now, don’t run away from that feeling. Lean into it. Feel that discomfort and watch it transform you.

2. Detach from the Outcome 

Entrepreneurship is a risky business, and often the stakes can be crazy high

  • You need to make your rent payment
  • Your child’s childcare payment is due
  • Your dog is suddenly sick, and you didn’t account for an unexpected vet visit.
  • Your siblings are the model children, and you feel like the black sheep who could never live up to your family’s standards 

Whatever it is, the pressure to make enough, to be enough, and to do enough IS REAL.

When we’re launching a new product or developing a new idea we become deeply invested in its success. Emotions are strong, and we bury ourselves under the pressure of trying to get it right. The problem is, when we do this. When we allow our work, and our currents situation to determine our worth. We let our Ego make decisions for us. If outcomes aren’t up to our standards we start to feel depressed and dejected.

Brave friend, it’s important to have goals, but your worth and your ego should never be attached to the outcome of those goals. Repeat after me...

You are NOT your current situation"

3. Change Your Views on Marketing

This one is short and easy, marketing can feel like a daunting task for many business owners. I get so many questions from clients and other business owners who are obsessed with all the details.

  • At what time should I post?
  • Has the algorithm changed again?
  • Why aren’t people responding to my content?

The consensus seems to be that marketing is hard.
I want you to change the narrative and think. Marketing is powerful! Marketing is how you accomplish your mission. It’s the tool that you utilize to reach your potential, to get to your target audience, to deliver your message to the people that could gain the most benefit from it. So, marketing is AMAZING, and I think that a lot of times we lock ourselves up into thinking of all the day-to-day strategies and the changing times and the trying to keep up with the trends, and we really forget that ultimately what we are trying to do with our marketing, is we are trying to listen. Not talk, not tell, not scream to other people. We are trying to listen to what our dream clients and our followers and customers are needing. And we are trying to deliver solutions to them. Never forget that!

Want More? Watch the full video above!

To stay in business you need to learn how to bend without breaking #CafecitoTime #ChaseYourFears

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Your self-worth is something that should be completely separate from the things that are going on in your outside life. #CafecitoTime #ChaseYourFears

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