The Entrepreneur Success Formula with Kavit Haria
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The Entrepreneur Success Formula with Kavit Haria

The Entrepreneur Success Formula with Kavit Haria

Have you ever wished there was a formula to help you be a better entrepreneur? Being a business owner is hard, and sometimes we all need a little guidance.

And who better to get that guidance from than Kavit Haria, a very successful entrepreneur who’s built a passion-driven business we can all learn from.

Kavit is the owner of Insider Internet Success. And the Author of “Don’t Sleep on It: Turn Your Passion and Expertise into a Profitable Online Business” He’s shared the stage with industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, and Lord Alan Sugar.

We’re so stoked to share this episode with you!

It truly is an action-packed lesson to teach you how to thrive in business with the Entrepreneur Success Formula.

Here are a Few Nuggets of Wisdom From this Episode

  • Passion + Consistency = Success.
  • You don’t find your passion; your passions will find you. That also means that you accept that over time your passions may change and that you must change with them.
  • You can’t pitch anything as a blanket message. You need to segment and speak to people based on their interests and where they  are in the buying journey.
  • To be successful in life and business, you need to be consistent.
  • The mental game and the mental side of things is a huge part of whether you’re gonna succeed or fail in business.

The 4 C’s of the Entrepreneur Success Formula

Clarity leads to confidence

Confidence leads to courage

Courage leads to certainty

  1. Clarity: What matters to you in your business?  Who do you want to serve, what do you want to give them? How does your brand look like, where are you going to sell your product or service and how will your customer journey look like?  More clarity means more energy for your business.
  2. Confidence: Lack of confidence is caused by lack of clarity, and as you have increasing clarity, you have increasing confidence which allows you to step up and take the actions necessary for you to grow your business and create work that matters.
  3. Courage: Are you willing to take a bolder, braver step to go outside your comfort zone?
  4. Certainty: 100% lack of doubt on your business. It comes from knowing what you’re supposed to do and how to pivot when things don’t go as planned. 

Get inspired with Kavit's tools and books mentioned during the episode

The Entrepreneur Success Formula with Kavit Haria #ChaseYourFearsPodcast
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