Are You A Happiness Addict? + 4 Tips To Honor The Pain
Chase Your Fears
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Are you a Happiness Addict? + 4 Tips to Honor the Pain

In this episode we talk about living with courage, and about why positivity and gratitude is not always the answer.
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Are you a Happiness Addict? Discover 4 Tips to Honor the Pain. Live with courage, stop running away from pain, instead let's talk about it, let's have those difficult conversations. The path to true happiness is not fake in it but on healing the pain and embrace happiness from the inside. #Thoughts #happiness #pain #healing #healingprocess #honorthepain #happinessaddict #truehappiness #seldevelopment #selflove #selfcare #mentalhealth #podcast #chaseyourfears #chaseyourfearspodcast
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Dayhanna Acosta is a Marketing Strategist, an Advocate for Fearless Living and the creator of the Chase Your Fears Podcast. Dayhanna is also the CEO of Create SFN Inc, a marketing and media strategy consulting agency. Dayhanna loves coaching and educating other business owners on how to develop their brand and voice to reach their target audience. She has over nine years of experience in the marketing field. Dayhanna graduated summa cum laude from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelors of Science degree. Dayhanna enjoys traveling and learning new languages. She speaks Spanish and French and is currently studying Hungarian and Portuguese.

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